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Wood floor cleaning tips are very helpful for wooden floors for regular care and with this regular care this wooden floor presents you a magnificent shine. Cleaning of the wooden floor is essential for protecting your nice investment. Hardwood floors present a beautiful touch to every room, but there are some debates about the best system to clean the floors. But this is really true that cleaning of wooden floor is very easy.

Regular sweeping with any soft bristle broom or dusting with any microfiber mop is just enough for cleaning the wooden floor. If your wooden floor has any beveled edge, vacuum that particular edge with a beater bar put off to remove the dust from between any two-floor boards. Cleaning of the floors with professional cleaning product will also give your wooden floor a professional look.

Some Basic Tips for Cleaning The Wooden Floor

How to clean the wooden floor is essential for maintaining and protecting your high investment on the wooden floor. Dust and dirt cannot hide on the wooden floor like they can on any carpet, so cleaning the wooden floor seems high maintenance. But if you maintain your regular routine cleaning of the wooden floor seems not at all any difficult task. Before going through this article, here are some basic tips for you to maintain the beauty of the wooden floor-

  • Never use any vinyl because this may cause wood to become more slippery and quickly the floor become dull.
  • To prevent debris from tracking in and cleaning the floor always use throw rugs at your doorsteps.
  • Never use any steam mop or any wet-mop to clean the wooden floor as both water and steam can damage the beauty of the floor and even damage the wood.
  • Always wipe up the spills instantly with a slightly wetted cloth.
  • Never over-wax a wooden floor. Try buffing when the wax floor becomes dull. Avoid any wax build up under the furniture by applying the wax in the spots.
  • In order to prevent any scuffing and scratching on the floor put proper protector s under each leg of the furniture. When dust and dirt become imbedded on the pad replace them.
  • Avoid sports cleats and also high heels to walk on the floor as they may dent the floor surface.
  • While moving the heavy furniture doesn’t glide it on the wooden floor.
  • To prevent scratching on the wooden floor, pick up the furniture first and move them. To prevent wooden floor of the kitchen, place a piece of the rug in the sink.
  • To minimize gaps throughout the winter season, use a humidifier properly.

Cleaning of the Finished Wooden Floors

The finished wooden floor is that floor which is coated with the wearing sealant. This coating protects the wood of the floor from beneath. This wearing sealant is waterproof and stain resistant. In a case of the finished floor, you can easily clean the floor with liquid soap like dishwashing liquid, but be careful about too much washing with liquid. When using soap and water, wring out the mop properly so that it can just damp to clean the floor.

How To Clean The Unfinished Wooden Floors

Unfinished wooden floor means the surface of the floor is matte i.e. it is not glossy at all. The floor of the old style house has the unfinished floor. This type of floor can be cleaned without water or with liquid soap. Cleaning this type of floor with liquid soap is not at all the viable option because the liquid can easily soak into the wood and weaken the fiber thereby encouraging the growth of fungus.

Important Things you Should Do to Clean the Wooden Floor

How to clean the floor and how not to clean them are both equally important in the case of wood floor cleaning tips. When you clean the wooden floor remember the following things:-

  • After cleaning remove all pools of water first because water can easily damage the unfinished floor when water soaks inside the floor. Water may also enter through the cracks of the finished wood and encourage the decay.
  • Just after cleaning, open all doors and windows to dry the floor faster. To remove the excess moister you may open fans.

Important things you should not do to clean the wooden floor.

When cleaning the wooden floor you should not do the following things—

  • To polish the floor immediately after cleaning never uses regular wax on the floor.
  • At the time of cleaning the wooden floor so not wear shoes because the dirt attached to the shoe will stick on the floor and mess up your hard work. You can use in this time the wear socks or soft sole slippers.

Some Extra Tips That Will Help You Better Cleaning

Apart from the above mentioned tips here are some extra tips to clean the wooden floor—

  • Use any mat at the entry of the room: In order to minimize the dust and dirt that gets onto your floor, put mats at all entryways of the house or any traffic areas. Make sure that the protective coverings that you are going to used are specially designed for the wood floor. Avoid any rubber-backed mat as it can easily trap moisture and may damage your floor.
  • Things you should always avoid: Always avoid vinegar and water, steam-based or soap-based cleaners to clean your wooden floor. Water and vinegar can damage your floor finishing and the soap and wax may leave residue on the floor. Steam cleaner generates heat that damages the floor in the long term.

Finding the most important wood floor cleaning tips will take time and patience. With the right tips, the right tools and the right techniques, you can easily clean the floor so that it gets a magnificent look. be able to keep your floors looking their best. Remember that how much time you are spending to clean the floor is not the true fact, the real fact is that how much time you are spending with the clean floors.

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