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Vacuum Cleaner Filters let you filter the dust and dirt particles from your floor or from the carpets. The vacuum cleaner helps you to clean your floor in a scientific way. The vacuum cleaner is also known as the ‘sweeper’ is the combination of a set of accessories and when all these parts work simultaneously, the vacuum cleaner starts cleaning the floor. It works better than a human being do.

After sweeping the floor by human being pets hair sometimes may find on the floor, but if the same work is done by the vacuum cleaner there is no possibility of pet hair in your floor.

Will You Change the Filter or Not?

If you find that the vacuum cleaner is not working properly, there may be various reasons behind that. In such a case don’t think to dispose of the machine instantly. This improper function of the cleaner is due to the malfunctioning of the filter or any part of the cleaner. First of all carefully check the actual fault behind the cleaner that disturbs the vacuum cleaner from proper functioning.

This fault in some cases may be a minor i.e. like cleaning of the filter, or replacement of the broken hose. If you find the problem is minor, try to repair by yourself or by cheap replacements may often offer years of the vacuum cleaner’s life. One most important thing is that with little understanding of its functioning of different cleaner parts obviously help you in maintaining the maximum lifespan out of the vacuum cleaner

Types of Filter

There are four kinds of the filter which are used in the vacuum cleaner.These are-

  • Cartridge filters
  • Cloth filters
  • Foam filters and
  • Disk filters

The Cartridge Filters: It is disposable and thus it can be replaced from time to time. Before the change, you must detach them and tap off the dirt and dust to enhance the efficiency of the cleaner. This filter is easy to replace and fix with the cleaner as this kind of filter is fitted with the rubber castings.

The Cartridge filter may be the primary filter and the secondary filters it depends on the model of the cleaner you are using. This filter is made from foam or synthetic product or the plate paper.

The Cloth Filters: These types of filters are used in large vacuum cleaner which is used for cleaning construction site, big shops or industrial settings. This filter is washable and less temporary as compared to the other filter type. This filter is washable and reused for multiple times before purchasing the new one.

Foam Filters: In any vacuum cleaner this filter is used for the secondary purpose. It can filter air which has been separated from the dirt, dust and other obsolete particles before it acts to the most sensitive parts and the external environment. This kind of filter is re-useable and washable. The most important thing of this filter is that before re-use you must go through the manual to ascertain that whether such provision is allowed or not.

Disk Filters: This is a kind primary filter and looks like coffee filters. Made of papers or clothes. This filter is mostly used in the modern cordless models or in the robotic cleaners. It sustains a little amount of dust before it needs to be replaced. This filter is more expensive as compared with the other filters.

The Most Important Features of The Filter

The most important features of the vacuum cleaner filters are –

  • HEPA Filters: This filter is capable of removing more than 99% air particles of the size of .3 microns. Because this filter uses special type fibers and electrostatic field. A well-fitted HEPA filter will free all pathogens and allergens and the other particles that cause asthma.
  • Allergen Filters: This is a different type of labeling that is found with the most usable filters. This filter is designed in such a way that it can easily trap the most tin particle from the air. This cannot be done by any ordinary filter.
  • Washable Filters: This filter is washable, reusable, extends the life of the filter and thus reduces the cost of running the cleaner.
  • Pet Filters: This filter is specially designed for pick up pet hair from the air and used for removing pet odor when baking soda is added with such filter.

The other features of the vacuum cleaner filters are MicroFresh filters, Scented filters, ULPA filters etc.

The Best Filtration System Buying Guide

In each market, there is a constant flow of filters. So, before buying any filter you must have to know what each kind does different activities. So, before buying the filter you must judge which one is suitable for your floor and invest your valuable money in that particular filter. The standard filter is of two types:-

  • The Primary vacuum filters: This filter is fitted with more than one kind of filter and it collects a good percentage of dust from the air.
  • The Secondary filters: This filters the air which has passed through the primary filter. It cleans the air further and thus produces the maximum amount of cleanliness.

In the market, there are multiple types of vacuum cleaner filters with unique properties. So, when shopping considers the following points. Where the filter will be used, what kinds of work it will do and the health of your vacuum cleaner too.

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