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If you are seeking for a soft touch to clean up your sensitive surface, Vacuum cleaner dusting brush has just that you need with this brush. This dusting brush is an ideal equipment for cleaning your home or even your badly dirty car. With the natural bristles of the dusting brush, you can clean the dust and dirt from any surface like window blinds, skirting board, TV’s, audio equipment or the dashboard of your car or the center consoles or the speakers.

What is The Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is a scientific equipment for cleaning any dusty area like your floor or the dirty carpet or the car. This is mostly used for any kind of sweeping purposes. Anyone can handle this equipment with little knowledge of the operating process. It uses an air pump to create the vacuum and this vacuum in term suck up all dust and dirt from floors. It is also used to clean other the surfaces like draperies or upholstery.

The dust bag collects the dust or dirt for later disposal. This dust or dirt is collected with the help of a cyclonic process. A good quality vacuum cleaner can easily handle more than hundred liters of dust before emit. Some vacuum cleaner also sucks up liquid and dust. This type of vacuum cleaner is used in shopping complex or in the big shop. A vacuum cleaner cleans the area in such a good way that it improves the quality of indoor air.

The Main Accessories Used in a Standard Vacuum Cleaner

A standard quality vacuum cleaner is nothing but the combinations of multiple numbers of components. All these components work together to clean your dirty surface. These accessories are-

  • The intake ports that many add attachments like the brush
  • Fan
  • Exhaust port
  • Motor
  • Brush
  • Container or the porous bags And
  • the housing.

Among the accessories, the brush takes a vital role in cleaning the dirt and dust area in such a way that a human being can never do.

Types of Vacuum Cleaner Dusting Brush

According to the function of a good quality vacuum cleaner, the type of the vacuum cleaner dusting brush differs. The dusting brushes are of different types—

Round Type Brush: This simple round type brush is used with both the hoses and wands and is used to clean any wood surface and blind apart from helping in cleaning general dusting. The bristle part of this type of brushes is rather soft and medium long which makes the brush perfect for removing dirt and dust from any furniture and the TVs. Because of versatility, the brush in most cases is used for the general purpose of cleaning.

Multi-angle Brush: This kind of brush is used mostly with the wands and the hoses to pick up dry bulk particles from various surfaces. This brush is made from costly soft bristles that may clean the softest area of your room that you fear to clean up using a vacuum cleaner. Its design is so flexible that you can easily orient this brush in any direction with less effort. This kind of brush is ideal for cleaning wood surfaces, blinds etc. This brush is a perfect attachment for cleaning up the workshop.

Floor Brush: Cleaning of any floor is tough most tough work as it should be cleaned regularly. The floor brush does this tough job very easily. It has the beater bar and durable construction that is helpful for daily uses. This brush is used to handle any kind of floor cleaning on a regular basis. This brush is of several types where some are useful for cleaning hardwood floors whereas the rest are ideal for tiled floors.

Powered Brush: This brush is also called the Turbo Brush or the Multi-tool. The most important part of this brush is that it has a small brush roll independent motor power. In most cases, this brush is used for general cleaning purposes like the normal brush. The only difference is its size which allows the brush to reach the tighter places. The only disadvantage of this brush is its fewer bristles that mean lesser power of cleaning.

Upholstery Brush: The extension of the brush resembles with the vacuum brush, but its bristles are quite long and more brittle which makes the brush more ideal for cleaning up the carpets. It is ideal for forcing soap and cleaning up the furniture and to get rid of odor and stains. This extension resembles the vacuum brush but its bristles are more brittle and quite long, making it ideal for working on carpets.

Similarly, it is essential to force soap and cleaners into furniture and carpets to get rid of all dirt, odor, and stains. This brush is ideal for getting rid of any stains from your furniture or shampooing the carpet. This is also ideal for removing debris from couches or from armchairs.

Vacuum Brush: Its base looks like a hard floor tool with wide attachment, but its bristles are longer and thinner. Theses bristles help you to loose dirt and dust which are attached to the fiber of any fabric. The vacuum brush loses the dust particles from the sofa or from the carpets and thus cleans the tiniest dust particles. This brush is also helpful for cleaning pets hair.

How The Vacuum Cleaner Dusting Brush Works

The working principle of the Vacuum cleaner dusting brush is very simple. Just attach the brush with the vacuum cleaner hose and the process of dusting dedicated also make the difficult surfaces easier and much more efficient. This is also ideal for cleaning those overlooked areas like lighting bulbs, screens, and curtains or the windowsills. This dusting brush tackles a wide range of cleaning processes more efficiently.


The function of the vacuum cleaner basically depends on the function of the Vacuum cleaner dusting brush. The greater the quality of the brushes, the better will be the cleaning process. So, when you buy any vacuum cleaner, must justify the quality of the brushes. If you do not have any ideas about the brushes, ask your retailer about its quality and cleaning system.

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