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​​​​Laminate flooring is the latest choice for both household and commercial one because of it highly durable. This floor is similar to hardwood flooring. This type of floor is not only durable but it is easy to clean. This floor is made of various materials. Laminate flooring cleaning needs no extra expenses like other floors. With few simple steps, you can clean this floor as per your routine. It is especially scratch resistant and has low maintenance cost, but it is not at all scratch proof, it requires regular cleaning. This is ideal for kids and pets use. With less maintenance effort you can easily give this floor a shiny look for long days.

Fix Your Cleaning Timing

As this floor requires no special care you may divide your cleaning time into parts and decide how you continue your routine. You may divide your cleaning process as—

  • Routine Cleaning: With the help of a soft brush or with the help of a wood floor attachment you may mop dust regularly.
  • Occasional Thorough Cleaning: Use a good squeeze mop and damp it into the floor cleaning and clean the floor occasionally. You can also use light mopping for the same purpose.
  • Sweeping is obviously a mistake for a laminate floor.

Though it is Sound Strange, a Traditional Broom is not Suitable for a Laminate Floor

You need a vacuum cleaner or a dry dust mop to clean this floor. Regular grooming will leave many dust particles to leave on the floor. A particle with a wet mop will spread around the floor and leave residues. These residues will make a scratch on the floor. That is broom is not the correct way to go. A vacuum cleaner on-off brush rolling button will be the best choice for this particular floor. Brush rolls are suitable for scratching and damaging the laminate floor over time.

Laminate flooring cleaning

No necessity to use a Laminate floor cleaner?

Some people like to use a specific brand of cleaner irrespective of the cost of it, but this is not the answer for the laminate floor cleaning. For cleaning, purpose chooses such a cleaner that suits your budget. The homemade cleaner is enough for cleaning this type of flooring. Sometimes little water is quite enough for this purpose.

Whatever you want to do, don’t use too much cleaner as they are not suitable for this flooring. When you really want to clean something too much use of soap is okay, but using of too much soap leave residue which is the leading cause for the dull laminate floor.

Liquids are not Suitable for the Laminate Floor

How you wish to clean something without water? Is it possible? No, certainly not. But in the case of laminate floor liquids and water both infiltrate between the laminate board which in term cause swelling and damaging the floor.So, never use tons of water or liquids to clean the floor. That you can do only spray the liquid on that section of the floor where you want to mop. The floor will dry automatically within 1 to 2 minutes after mopping.

What is the Best Cleaning Solution

For laminate floor cleaning you may either buy any manufacturer’s cleaning solution or may make one by yourself, also known as the homemade laminate floor cleaner. Whatever solution you use, you need to spray the solution on the mop pad to clean the floor.

Quick Instructions For Cleaning The Floor

To clean this type of floor use these effective quick tips—

  • Use a dry mop or use the vacuum on the wood floor to clean big dust and pet hair.
  • You may dampen your microfiber pad with warm water and then spray on your choice able cleaning solution.
  • Now mop the floor.
  • When you find the microfiber pad becomes too dirty simply rinse it, replace and continue again.
  • When your cleaning process is complete rinse the microfiber pad and put this into the washing machine for a sanitary wash.

Basic Maintenance of the Laminate Floor

To remove dust and dirt particles from laminate floor use soft bristle broom or dust mop or vacuum cleaner regularly. To clean the area that is slightly damp you need to spray cleaner onto the cotton or on the microfiber mop. Remember, do not use an any damp mop with water or liquid cleaner to clean the floor because it will wet the area.

To protect or block Ultra Violet rays that may cause fade always use protective glass windows. This windows will also protect excessive heats of the sun and also the sunlight. Rearrange the furniture periodically which will protect the area beneath the furniture from fading.During stormy weather, always avoid exposing the floor from to water. These basic tips will help your floor last long with its original shine.

What to Avoid from Cleaning The Floor

At any time of cleaning of the laminate floor, you should avoid the following things—

  • Never use any wax, oils, detergents, polish, shine enhancers, or varnish to clean the laminate floor.
  • Do not directly apply any cleaner to the laminate floor surface as this may cause staining. If you want to use them better spray lightly on the damp mop or the cleaning cloth.
  • Do not use power cleaner or steam cleaner or spray mops like cleaning machine as they may cause harm of the floor.
  • Avoid mopping with any liquid or water.


Laminate flooring cleaning sometimes needs extra protection from avoiding any damage. You should use high-quality mats exclusively use for laminate floor and protective pads and insert them under heavy furniture to get an extra level of protection. You should use or place floor mats at any entrance or exit because they collectively collect or trap any corrosive substance like dust, sand, dirt or grit. Placemats also in highly risky areas i.e. in front of kitchen sinks or stoves. Also, avoid any cleaners of pine scented because these cleaners will always leave a dull and soapy residue. Don’t apply anything else that promotes a shine.

Jason L. Brown

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Katie Dunn - September 12, 2017

I just moved to a home that has laminate flooring. Because this is a new experience for me, I really appreciate your tip about not applying cleaner directly to the surface. I sometimes clean with vinegar and water, though, and so do you think that that tip would apply with this eco-friendly solution as well?

andreas stecker - April 25, 2018

I would not have thought a broom doesn’t really work for laminated floors. I guess my mother led me astray. Ill try a vacuum next for sure.

Greg McHolland - July 23, 2018

Great article! Thanks for sharing these tips. I found these article very helpful for we have a laminate flooring. I will now avoid on mopping it.


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