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Interior car cleaning is a crucial part for any because a clean interior of the car not only looks good, it is also great for the health of you and your passengers. Though the car is old enough with proper care of entire interior your car may still look good. With your little effort, i.e. by spending about an hour regularly, you can bring a great look to the interior of your car. When cleaning the interior be careful about the water.

If water permeates into the electrical components, it may cause short circuits inside the car causing a great problem for your car. Also be careful about the seats and the carpets. If too much water soaks into the seats or the carpet, it may cause damp, corrosion and damp smell. When your work is done, let the interior dry.

Interior Car Cleaning Material

If you want to clean the interior of your vehicle, these materials are important. So, before cleaning the interior collect these materials first-

  • Shampoo-it is important for fabric seats,
  • Leather cleaners and conditioners—it is ideal for leather seats.
  • Protectant-- for dashboard purpose.
  • Detergent-- to wash pedals.
  • A hand-held vacuum.
  • Carpet cleaner One car cleanser.
  • Trash bag One rag or cloth.
  • Soft towels.
  • Foam cleanser.
  • Upholstery foam based cleanser.


First of all you need a vacuum with the extension hose and several other attachments. Start your work from top to down. This will help the particles to dislodge and fall down at the time of clearing and can be collected after you vacuum the seats and the carpet of your car.

Now using upholstery nozzle of the vacuum clean the seats, headliner and upholstered areas like the trunk, rear parcel shelf, and the rear cargo area. Now remove the floor mats and clean it properly. If you want to clean the inside of the car properly then remove spare tire, tools and vacuum the compartment.

Now use the crevice tool to pass visors and other tight areas where other attachments do not fit. Now with the help of a dusting brush to clean vanity mirrors, plastic, hard vinyl and the dashboard components. If you know how to how to access an air compressor, you may use it to remove dust and dirt from hard to reach areas of the dashboard.

In order to clean the carpet use a floor brush. Replace the seats either forward or backward and clean the areas beneath the seat.


In every auto parts store you will find different types of cleaners to clean different surfaces like leather, carpet, upholstery and the plastic. But you are advised not to purchase any special cleaner to clean car’s inside. The household product/cleaners will work fine. Be careful to purchase the right product for this cleaning purpose. If you have any doubt about the quality of the product, apply it to an inconspicuous area of the car surface to be cleaned.


In this case, steam cleaner works best i.e. with the help of a steam cleaner you can clean the carpet. But the washing of the carpet will be expensive if you rent or purchase this stream cleaner. If you have a steam cleaner in your home, then it will be a good option for you to clean the carpet of your car.

If you do not have any steam cleaner, you can use a general ‘spray-on’ cleaner to clean the carpet. You can do the same work just by the stiff bristle brush. Do not use water to clean the carpet as wet carpet and upholstery can damage the electronic appliances. Use any special cleaning product when you find the problem of staining like makeup, gum, tree sap etc.

Cloth Upholstery

A special upholstery machine attachment is recommended when you use a steam cleaner. But if do not have any steam cleaner, then use only a spray-on upholstery cleaner along with soft brush and let the area dry. After that clean the safety belts, rear parcel shelf and seat joints.

Leather Trim

To clean the leather areas take a leather cleaner and saddle soap or a mild leather soap and damp cloth, then rub the damp cloth onto the leather area. Remove all extra soap with the help of a clean damp cloth. To remove the excess soap from seams use clean cotton swabs.


To wash the inside windows use glass cleaner. To avoid streaking spray the glass cleaner directly on the cloth and gently swab the cloth onto the window glass.

Hard Surfaces

To clean the dirty area of rubber door moldings, interior trim you may use a household all purpose cleaner. It will work best in this case.Then again spray the cleaner on the clean cotton cloth directly and gently rub on the affected area. Now, with the help of a dampened tender toothbrush or small paintbrush clean the tight areas like radio buttons, vents or the panel seams. Remember to clean the safety belt buckles, ashtray, glove compartment and other tight areas.


This is an essential part of the leather. After cleaning use conditioning on leather parts to make them soft. You may use nongreasy vinyl or plastic product to clean the interior of the car. Avoid commercial conditioner that has silicon oils in it. This conditioner will stain the cloth.


You may repeat the vacuuming process to remove the dirt dislodge at the time of cleaning.

Odor Removal

After vigorous cleaning, if you notice any odors, apply odors removal product to get odors out of the fabrics.

Last Words

Thus interior car cleaning is vital for your car for maintenance. When you find too much dust and dirt on the floor or on the dashboard, the car will become nastier than you expect. If window glass gets dirty, the grime will prevent your sight to see the outcoming vehicle which in term causes an accident. So, regular cleaning is the most important to save your life and also the life of your family. Use these best and easy tips for regular cleaning.

Jason L. Brown

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