How To Clean Porcelain Tile Floors!

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To keep Porcelain tiles seeking does not need too much care and maintenance for a long time. It needs some simple process to maintain its sleekness. Then the question arises how to clean porcelain tile floors properly. Before you start cleaning keep some important points in mind. i.e. whether the porcelain tiles are polished or textured or bare.

You can clean the tiles with the help of a sweep or vacuum the floor to remove dust and dirt. Then mop the floor with warm water. However, when dust and dirt get out of reach you need to follow some extra actions.

Types of Porcelain

According to their durability and style porcelain are of different types—

  • Unglazed Porcelain

This type of porcelain is very strong in its raw manufacture state. The porous material makes this tile stain and discoloration may occur over time. The material used in this tiles needs to be treated under a certain state of delicacy a needs a sealing treatment yearly. You need to care for constant vigilance and you also need to remove the spills which occur in it.

  • Cleaning Porcelain

This type of damp porcelain can be mopped with warm water. To clean this type of porcelain you can also mix few drops of light pH balanced dish soap with one gallon of warm water. This type of porcelain penetrates more water than other materials, so you do not saturate this tile floor.

  • Glazed Porcelain

In most cases, the porcelain floor is treated with some melted glass glaze that is poured over the surfaces of the tiles to create a sleazy protective layer that is totally impervious to the water penetration and also stains. This material requires less maintenance and no yearly sealing treatment requires a very easy to care for.

A Common Procedure To Maintain The Porcelain Tiles

To clean the porcelain tiles you should mop, sweep or vacuum the tiles regularly. This regular cleaning will create a shine on the surface of te porcelain. Sweep, vacuum, or mop regularly. Small grit particles that are at the surface of the porcelain can easily wear away at both the glazed and unglazed protective coating.

You may make a scratch on the surface of the material and may make the surface dull over the years. You should wipe up the stains as quick as possible and flush away the residue you find over the surface. As this type of tiles is resistant, you can slightly shade them if you find messes to linger for a long time.

How To Clean Porcelain Tile Floors

This is a common question to all porcelain tiles floor users about how to clean porcelain tile floors with least maintenance cost. Here are some effective tips that work better to clean the floor-

  • With the help of any microfiber, mop sweeps the tiles floor. The more attention to the corner and the edges of the room because in these areas dust and dirt congregate much.
  • Make a home solution of hot water and cleaning fluid. Remember that you should read all directions that are labeled on the cover and also test the product applying in a small area of the floor. If no damage occurs then apply the solution on the whole surface. Then leave the solution for about 10 minutes to get the better result.
  • Now wash the area with the help of a soft nylon brush and wipe away the dirty cleaning surplus with the help of the fresh warm water.
  • As the unglazed and unpolished porcelain tiles are completely stained resistant, stains can build up over time. So, to tackle the tricky areas repeat the cleaning procedure 2 to 3 times if required.

How to Clean Polished Porcelain Tiles

This is the most daunting task to you. To clean this type of tiles choose the cleaning products first. You may choose any product, read the directions mentioned on the label, test the product on a small area first and if you find everything is okay then apply the cleanser to the entire tiles.

  • You can try any multi-purpose household cleaning product or any floor cleaning product read the directions before use. Most of the cleaning products need to dilute before use.
  • For better result and to get long-lasting tiles with the proper shine you may use ‘Bespoke porcelain tile cleaners’ though it is slightly expensive.
  • A water solution of white vinegar can also be used to remove stains fast.

This is not the fact that which kind of products you are using. But it is imperative that the room you are cleaning is well ventilated. You should rinse out and remove all dust particles before your cleaning process starts.

Now, you should follow the following steps to restore the polished porcelain tiles as it is:--

  • Sweep all tiles area and vacuum up the loose debris if any.
  • Wipe away the total area with the help of a dry mop.
  • Mop up the floor with warm water—don’t allow the water to pool.
  • Now with the help of a soft nylon brush lose the chest stains.
  • With the help of your cleaning agent mop the tiles again.
  • Let the tiles dry for few minutes or you can dry the tiles with a microfiber cloth.

One important thing you should remember that before using any cleaning product you should test the product in a small area of the tiles to verify whether the product is suitable for your tiles or not.


This is the general information about how to clean porcelain tile floors, first and the easiest way of cleaning the tiles. But regular cleaning is better than frequent cleaning. When clean the tiles floor you should properly take care of the germs. The germs are the root of all diseases.

So, use disinfectant to kill germs and sanitizing the surface of the tiles completely. Cleaning of the porcelain tiles is straightforward when you use right cleaning product(s) and methods. That you need to take necessary safety precautions of the products you are going to use for cleaning purpose

Jason L. Brown

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Bobby Saint - February 8, 2018

I appreciate you sharing some tips for cleaning porcelain tile floors such as mopping, sweeping, or vacuuming. It is recommended that you regularly sweep, mop, or vacuum your porcelain floor to keep its shiny appearance. Also, it’s best to wipe any kind of spills right away to prevent staining the tiles. If I were to install porcelain flooring in our house, I would make sure to keep this in mind. Thanks.


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