How Do Vacuum Cleaners Work!

A vacuum cleaner is a sweeping machine that cleans dust and dirt from the carpet or from the floor. How do vacuum cleaners work mainly depends on how you operate it and how good its accessories are equipped with it. The good the vacuum cleaner is, the good will be its functioning.

The vacuum cleaner uses a dust bag where the collected dirt is kept for later disposal. A wide variety of stylish model with the glittering color of the vacuum cleaner is available on the market. This vacuum cleaner is also used for cleaning cars. This vacuum cleaner is very helpful to those who are weak health and have no ability to sweep the room.

Why Vacuum Cleaner is Indispensable in Our Day-to-Day Life

If you think a vacuum cleaner whether it is costly or cheap is mainly for the rich, you are then running in a wrong way. In our fast and complicated lifestyle, it has become an important household product to every family or to every shopping complex or to every hospital. Cleaning the house or the shopping complex or the hospital regularly is a difficult task because of lack of time or because of the poor health conditions.

When you feel sick or when your housemaid dose does not come for a long time, then what will you do?- Clean the room or make it dirty or mess the room. In such a tough condition, the vacuum cleaner is the best solution to you. With a vacuum cleaner, you can clean your room with less effort. Thus spending some money on a vacuum cleaner and buying it, of course, is the right decision to every household.

How a Vacuum Cleaner Works

To get the best result from a vacuum cleaner it is good to purchase a vacuum cleaner from a reputed company. Because how do vacuum cleaners work depends mainly on how good the accessories of the cleaner are. A good quality vacuum cleaner works well when its accessories also work well. However, the accessories of a vacuum cleaner works in this way—

  • Intake Port and Rotating Brush

The intake port and the rotating brush helps to draw out the unwanted things from the floor like dust and. Both the ports and the brush work together to draw out the dust. This intake port and the rotating brush when connected with the motor they together start working.

  • Internal Fan

This internal fan continuously filters the dust particles and store them in the bags. This internal fan is located behind the rotating brush of the vacuum cleaner.

  • Motor

This is the main integral part of the vacuum cleaner. You may call its the heart of the cleaner. The belts and the fans are connected with the motor and the motor when supplies power and they run properly. This is the riskiest device of the vacuum cleaner as when it burns out huge money is required to repair or to purchase it.

  • Filter

Filter separates heavy and solid objects from the dust and thus it is also another important part of a cleaner. The filter also protects the fan blade from breaking down the blades by large particles.

  • Dust Bag

The dust bag or the plastic bin stores the dust which was picked off from the floor for disposal. Some ultra-modern vacuum cleaners with high-end technology have the dust bag that is split into two sections where one is used for solid items and the rest is used for dust and dirt and also for unwanted or wastage paper of the floor.

  • Power Source

The battery or the long cord is a power source of the cleaner. They are connected to the power outlet and used to the proper supply of electricity when the vacuum cleaner runs.

What Happens When You Turn The Plug Off The Vacuum Cleaner

A conventional vacuum cleaner has main six components and all these components work together to clean the floor. These main components are-

  • An intake port
  • An exhaust port
  • An electric motor
  • A fan
  • A dust bag and
  • A housing

Intake port has a variety of cleaning components and the housing has all other components. What happens when the electricity start running through the cleaner—

  1. First of all, the electricity or the current starts operating the motor. The fan that has angled blades starts running.
  2. The running fan forced air forward i.e. toward the exhaust port.
  3. When the particles are drawn forward, the density of those particles increases on the front side of the fan and decreases to the back side of the fan. The pressure behind the fan drops.

Ambient Air Pressure

When the pressure level behind the fan falls below the pressure level (known as ambient air pressure) outside the cleaner suction creates, which is also known as partial vacuum, inside the cleaner. Then through an intake port, the ambient air enters into the cleaner. This air pressure inside the cleaner is much lower than the outside pressure.

How Fan in The Vacuum Cleaner Collects Dust

Until the fan will run and the passageway of the cleaner remains open, a constant flow of air move through its intake port and will go out through the exhaust port. Then under the principle of friction, the flowing stream of air collect the dust and dirt from the carpet or from the floor. That is there is purely a science behind the working of the vacuum cleaner. The cleaner uses a low air pressure to collect the small dust and dirt particles. The vacuum suction has great importance to suck up the dust particles.

Last Few Words

The vacuum cleaner is nothing but the gift of the technology. The technology solves the cleaning problem of the human beings. So, how do vacuum cleaners work purely depends on the principle of the science. Until all the components of the cleaner are in good condition, the principle of the science works good and the good will be the result of cleaning the floor. Apart from the principle of science, a good maintenance is also required to operate the vacuum cleaner successfully.

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