Floor Cleaning Mop | Types and Safety!

While cleaning the floor on a regular basis the first thing you need to buy is the floor cleaning mop. A floor mop is a bundle of rough strings or a piece of cloth or sponge attached to the pole of the stick and used mainly to soak up flowing liquid from the floor or from the other surfaces or to clean the dirty floor. The mop is used to mop up the dust particles or other cleaning purposes. Mopping is relatively a simple process for cleaning than the other cleaning process like cleaning with a vacuum cleaner. You just need to mop the area and keep it for sometimes for drying and get the best result.

Types of Mops

Floor cleaning mops available in the market are of different types—

  • Dry Mop, Dust Mop: This type of mop is designed to collect dust, dirt, and sand from the floor. It has yarn or microfiber and basically used to clean the floor as a first step. The dry mops have a flat sheet of microfiber or sheet with the surface of any looped yarn, basically about 15 cm wide with variable lengths usually 30–100 cm. The dry mop in most cases replace a broom and has an ability to hold the only limited amount of dirt or sand or dust within itself. In most cases, the heads of the dry mops are removable and you can wash it and replace it when the mop is saturated with the dust. Another option is to use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the surface dust avoid the mop.
  • Wet-mop or Moist-mop: In the case of any professional cleaning this mop is used as a second step for cleaning up your floor. This mop is used to clean the fat, mud and dried-in with any liquid contaminations. This type of mop has a flat sheet that contains microfiber textile usually about 15 cm wide, and a length of usually 30–100 cm.
  • Hot Mop: The action of the hot mop is similar to the steam iron. When water is added to it, the mop allows the water to heat and elude the water on the top of the floor and clean the floor than without any cleaning solvent. This mop is basically used for regular cleaning.
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How to Make Your Floor Gleam with Mop-Floor Cleaning Tips

If you have a passion for the squeaky clean floor, here are some handy tips that will help to mop up the floor properly and get the best result. The floor in your home regularly attracts the dust and dirt particles, food and scraps. So, it is very urgent to clean them regularly. Above all, it is very urgent to clean the kitchen floor as the kitchen floor becomes very soiled quickly. So, mopping the floor is very urgent for cleaning and making the floor dust free. Below are some important mopping tips or strategies to clean up the floor more effectively-

  • If you use a rag mop, the mopping in a close-fitting horizontal figure of 8 must work the best, because this does not leave a single bit of which you have missed at the time of sweeping or cleaning or vacuuming.
  • If required shake out the rag mop periodically over the bin.
  • The case of a sponge mop, clean like a vacuum in a vertical line.
  • If you find any trouble spots which the mop fails to clean up, don’t worry at all; you can clean the spotted area later with a piece of cloth.

How to Mop Your Floor Easily

Here are some brilliant tips for mopping the floor-

  • First of all, sweep the dusty the area because it is very difficult to mop the area when there are enough foods or dirt particles scatter on the floor. It is better to tidy up the affected area first.
  • Then put proper safety. Snap on the deft rubber gloves and on the back side of the floor-cleaning product check the label to get the proper safety information.
  • Now fill the mop bucket with hot water and an exact amount of floor cleaning liquid, as per the directions marked on the label – now select a cleaner that is specially designed for clean up the floors.
  • Now start mopping- Plunge the mop in, plunk it out, and start working!
  • Rinse your floor- when you finished mopping, make sure that you have given the floor some extra rinse – especially in a case when you have the pets or the kids in your home. You can easily do it by washing out your mop that you have used now and repeat the same area with plain water.

Floor Cleaning Safety

You will have to clean the floor regularly when you have kids or the pets in your home. You must be more careful about your cleaning products you are using for cleaning the floor because the products and the methods of cleaning both are crucial when the kids or the pets in your home. Your toddlers or the pets lay on the floors very often touch the floor with bare skin. So, clean the floor properly with care and use the least toxic product to avoid any danger to your child or pet.

The floor cleaning products available in the market are wonderful at plunking up grime but may cause irritation when they come into contact directly with the skin. To maintain proper safety check the label of the floor cleaning products you are purchasing. If the product instructs to use gloves when using it, never allow your baby’s feet to walk on the floor when clean it. Rinse the floor thoroughly after mopping.


All these types of floor cleaning mop help to clean the floor and protect your toddlers from any skin infection. For regular use, you can use any kind of mop and get the best result of floor cleaning and protects your kids from any skin problem. But before purchasing the mop you must look the quality of the product.

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