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Carpet cleaning tips help you to clean your carpet regularly with fewer efforts. Regular maintenance of a carpeted floor will help to make deep cleaning easier. As a flooring element, carpet has many advantages but needs to be vacuumed or cleaned once in a week. More often you need to clean that area which is dust and dirt prone.

Regular cleaning of carpet offers a guarantee long life and prevents to store dirt. This article will help you by giving some best methods for deep cleaning, vacuuming and stain removal that will help your carpet to look better and also help the carpet last longer.

Is it Really Tough to Clean Your Carpet Floor?

Whether your carpet gets coffee stains or crayon marks or build-up of regular dust and dirt, the carpet needs to be little care and proper attention every time? Most house owners to clean the carpet move furniture and wait for a long time to dry the fibers. But the care of carpet is not so difficult at all.

If you have a deep eager to clean the carpet with ease, just follow some simple ways to remove stains and hanging smells. Carpet looks good no doubt, but this does not mean it is very tough to clean. Some simple cleaning tips may bring a great difference in your flooring.

Use Powder as a Carpet Cleaner

This is simply a great way to clean the carpet using powder. This carpet cleaning tips work better in all situation. Sometimes it is the best strategy for cleaning the carpet with powdered carpet cleaner or the baking soda. To clean the carpet with the help of powder, follow these simple tips:-

  • Liberally sprinkle the powder over the carpet floor,
  • Keep the powder for at least 30-35 minutes, but keeping it for overnight shows the best result by absorbing the odors and softening the strings,
  • Vacuum up the sprinkled powder when you have done.

Use Shampoo as a Carpet Cleaner

The another popular way of cleaning the carpet is the no doubt the carpet shampoo. Different brands of shampoo are available in the market, follow the guidance properly before purchasing the product. Now follow the steps to clean the carpet—

  • First of all, make up a solution following the direction labeled on the packet. In most cases, the product needs to be diluted with water,
  • Never make your carpet too wet as it will take much time to dry and also the wastage of detergent,
  • Using a hard bristle brush you may scrub the stubborn area,
  • Let few minutes to dry the carpet and then vacuum the shampoo.

Selection is The Best Option

Choose the Powder or The Shampoo

If you want to mop up the persistent strains or deep-seated odors, plain soap and water mixture is not enough for cleaning. So, like most people choose either carpet cleaning shampoo or the carpet cleaning powder. The carpet powder is the best option to tackle deep strains. Shampoo takes the longest time to dry whereas powder does the same work within few minutes. The most important thing to remember that read carefully all directions before use.

Handy Carpet Stain Removal Tricks

For an isolated stain, it’s better to get them up quickly before it really dries into the carpet. Don’t wipe the stains rather blot them before smudging or entering deeper into the carpet. After washing the stains it’s better to apply stains remover to get the better result. For any sticky stains harden them using ice cube before preying off. But in the case of odor stain, wash it by the vinegar and warm water mixture and apply the mixture with a piece of cloth and enjoy fresher and brighter looking room.

Natural Carpet Cleaning Products

Apart from the natural carpet cleaning materials, there are some kitchen cupboard raw materials that also work excellent. Soda water and the tonic water usually counteract coffee stains. Along with this salt is also work as a good alternative to remove dust and dirt or to soak up fresh stains. Baking soda helps to absorb nasty smells hiding into the fibers. Remember when you use a new cleaning product, first test it on a small area first—if you find that the product does not cause any damage to that part then apply it to the whole carpet.

Water Extraction Method for Cleaning The Carpet

Most of the homes clean carpet using water extraction method or known as the steam cleaners. This steam cleaner is used to wash carpet by injecting a solution inside the carpet pile and then by pulling the dirt back into the machine. But dragging of the hose around the carpet is cumbersome, so choose a model which does not need any clean- water hookup. Remember that always choose the most powerful cleaning machine which eases the burden of water extraction. When you use the steam cleaner for cleaning the carpet, don’t get the carpets wet excessively.

Dry Extraction Method for cleaning the carpet

Dry extraction is also an another beautiful method to wash the carpet properly. You can habit this method for regular clean up of the carpet. To clean the carpet, first spread a dry absorbent mixture over the carpet, keep the mixture for few minutes, then vacuum it with any cleaning machine. You must give proper emphasis on the quality of the absorbent you are using for cleaning purpose. A bad quality may harm your carpets. Though this system works better than that of water extraction method, it is more expensive than the above-mentioned method.


Despite your all efforts for cleanliness, the carpet may become the victim of dust, spills or drops. So, you need to clean the carpet once in a week. Sometimes, it requires more when you find heavy traffic on your carpet. Frequent cleaning prolongs the lifespan of the carpet by preventing the grow up of the dirt particles which can cut carpet fibers.

So, to avoid this follow carpet cleaning tips to clean your carpet regularly. Regular habits of cleaning the carpets mean long lasting of the carpet and this regular clean will also in term offers a nice look of your home.

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