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Car cleaning tips at home is an excellent idea to give your car a magnificent shine. A car with magnificent shine shows your status in the society. So, it needs to clean your car regularly. You have no need to go for a garage to wash your valuable car if you follow these simple tips by yourself.

The only thing you need to clean your car is time, some specific materials and your deep patience. When you are ready to clean your car you can either choose to clean the wheel and the body of the car or you can opt for both interior and exterior cleaning of your car.

Before cleaning the exterior of the car make sure that that the body of your car is cool enough. To clean the body and the wheel of the car use specially formulated best-valued cleaner. Again, to clean the interior part of the car, first remove the floor mat, throw out the trash.

Then, you should vacuum the interior and use any foaming cleanser clean the carpet, upholstery. Then with the help of any window cleaner clean both inside and outside of the windows. With these simple car cleaning tips, you can make your in a very tip-top condition throughout the year whether you drive your car in a muddy and dusty road or drive it on an urban street.

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How to Prepare to Wash Your Car

Preparation is the most important thing before doing anything else. This is also the case for cleaning your car. First of all, park your car in any shaded area and let it cool. It is very tough to you to clean your car if it is hot for a long drive or keeping the car in the sun for a long time. As heat may speed up the drying time of the soap and the water, wait for 20-30 minutes to cool the body to avoid the stains of soap and water.

Clean The Interior of The Car

First of all clean the interior part of the car using the following cleaning products—

  • For fabric, seats collect shampoo.
  • For leather seats collect leather cleaners and conditioners.
  • For dashboard collect protectant.
  • To wash pedals collect detergent and finally.
  • A hand-held vacuum.
  • One car cleanser.
  • One rag or cloth.
  • Soft towels.
  • Foam cleanser.
  • Carpet cleaner.
  • Trash bag.
  • Upholstery foam based cleanser.

When you collect all the materials you are ready to clean your car. Now—

  • First of all properly read all instructions labeled in each product before you start cleaning.
  • Now open the seat cover and wash it with shampoo to remove all crimes and the absorbed liquid.
  • In a case of leather seats take special care and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions properly.
  • Wipe the dashboard and clean pedals.

You are now ready to clean the inside of the car. Some of these materials are also helpful for exterior cleaning.

How To Clean The Exterior of The Car

Here the tings you need to clean the exterior of the car are –

  • Two large buckets.
  • A hosepipe that is connected to the quarter supply.
  • One soft natural sponge, a chamois, and a soft wash mitt.
  • Metal and also plastic polish.
  • Liquid detergent, when you use the detergent always read the manufacturer’s guidelines first.
  • One polish sponge or cloth.
  • Car wax.
  • A good quality toothbrush.

Now when you arrange the entire car washing products, you are now ready for washing the car. Do not wash your car on any warm day or in sun heat. The heat will dry the water that is applied to clean the car very quickly and thus leave the soap spots on the car. So, in order to clean the exterior keep your car in any shaded area. After keeping the car follow the steps—

  • Wet the whole car and dislodge the surface level dust and dirt. A wet surface will also remove the muds from the wheels.
  • Now take the sponge and scrub the wheel thoroughly. Later on, it will prevent dust of the car to get transport anywhere else.
  • Now with the help of the wash mitt gently scrub the body of the car. Examine the wash mitt before applying so that no particles are inside it because these particles may scratch the body of the car or the paintwork. In this case, lamb’s wool works the best. Dry the car off gently with the help of a chamois.
  • Now with the help of the toothbrush or with the help of the detailing brush get the dust or dirt out of cracks of the body.
  • Use bare metal to polish but never use any metal polish on the non-metallic surfaces. Always read the manufacturer’s guideline on the label before applying the polish.
  • To clean and polish the headlight, backlights or the indicators use plastic polish. As the headlight gives light on the road, any obstruction may cause road accidents. So, when cleaning the headlight take proper care.
  • Now apply wax on the wheel and also the areas where it is required.
  • When everything is done clean the windows with soap and water. The glass cleaner will give you the best result in this case.

Last Few Words

Thus with the help of the car cleaning tips, you have come to know how to clean the interior and the exterior of your car properly. Follow these excellent tips to get the car a shiny look throughout the year. But remember before cleaning the car evaluates the condition of the car first. A new car or a car with good wax on it, only wash is just enough for regular maintenance.

But a car with neglected exterior may need to clean regularly. You may wash your car by yourself when you read the full article or you may hire one who is well versed with car cleaning and have sufficient knowledge about how to clean the car properly. You are advised to clean the car once in a week or once in a month to get the shiny look from your car.

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