Best Dyson Vacuum Cleaners on the Market – 2018 Top Models Reviewed

Best Dyson Vacuum

Dyson vacuums are amongst the most respected and well-known brands of vacuums in the world. The manufacturer offers a wide range of cleaners ranging from upright models, canister, handheld as well as robot cleaners. Regardless whether you are looking for a vac for a specific purpose, for instance, a model for helping you to manage allergens, clean pet hair or simply wouldn’t mind spending more for a powerful vacuum, Dyson offers you with a variety of cleaners to consider. So, what is the best Dyson vacuum?

Dyson vacuums have a reputation of being versatile, effective, and easy to use. Today there are many vacuums from this manufacturer. Although most of these products are well built, not all of them will fit your needs. Our detailed guide aims at helping you to find the right model that fits your demands perfectly.

Top 10 Best Dyson Vacuum in 2018 - Experts Guideline & Comparison






Dyson Ball Multi Floor Compact Upright Vacuum Cleaner


11.6 lbs


Dyson DC33 Multi-Floor Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner


17.6 lbs


Dyson DC65 Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner


27.1 lbs


Dyson DC39 Multi floor canister vacuum cleaner


8.8 lbs


Top Ten Best Dyson Vacuum 2018 - Reviewed

Today, there are more than twenty Dyson vacuums on the market. This makes it hard for most individuals to select the right model that suit their needs. Instead of going through all the products available on the market, we have done detailed research and included the best Dyson vacuums in terms of performance, ease of use, durability, as well as specific purpose.

1. Dyson DC50 Ball Compact Animal Upright Vacuum

Are you looking for a vacuum cleaner that will never let you down throughout your life? Then Dyson DC50 is here for you with a new name but with no changes made. This machine comes with a ball rather than wheels like before.

This new ball technology makes this Dyson model become powerful and easy to move around any floor surface and corners as well. It also has an attracting design which makes many people go for it.

Durable and ultra lightweight

The DC50 model weighs 11.6 pounds making it very light. This feature makes it easy to pull anywhere around the house and also have easy maneuverability.

Two tier radial cyclones

This feature makes this machine to get rid of even the most microscopic particles. The 2 radial cyclones such the dust and as a result expel out clean air. This machine also never loses suction when at work making it effective and efficient.

Extra long hose pipes

This DC 50 ball vacuum cleaner which is certified refurbished has long tubes which make it an easy task to clean unsighted cobwebs and other dirt which may be present in the room.


  • Long-lasting and powerful suction
  • No fuss cleanup
  • Durable
  • Moves easily in rough surfaces
  • Increased dirt collection


  • Unusual noise

Dyson DC 50 vacuum cleaner is a reliable machine that will ensure that even the very tiny particles in your house have been cleaned up. Furthermore, this model is cheap compared to others and it will suit your cleaning needs in a few minutes.

2. Dyson DC33 Multi-Floor Upright Bagless Vacuum

The Dyson DC33 is an evolutionally vacuum cleaner that does a great job when it comes to cleaning your house as well as getting rid of all contaminants.

This model is designed with an abundance of features that makes cleaning quick and easy. It does well on all types of floors, especially when deep cleaning heavy pile carpets.

Root cyclone action

This vac comes with root cyclone technology that offers you with powerful suction when cleaning your house. Regardless of the length of time, you use it or the amount of dust it collects, the suction will remain the same. This makes it perfect for cleaning deep pile carpets that usually have a lot of dirt.

Clear bin and hygienic emptying

With this model, you do not have to worry about emptying your dirt, as you just need to press a button to empty it easily. This makes sure that you do not come with all the filth in the dust collector. Additionally, the clear bin will let when the dust collector becomes full.

Telescope reach wand

Another feature that makes this model unique is the telescope reach wand. This feature allows you to clean the stairs, corners, as well as other areas, which are hard to reach.


  • Powerful suction
  • Root cyclone allows capturing more dirt
  • Hygienic bin emptying
  • Durable
  • Easy to use


  • Small dust collector

Having a wide range of amazing features, Dyson DC33 Multi floor vacuum is a great model that fits the needs of everyone. Although it has s high price tag, it is a worthy investment that you can depend on for easier and fast cleanups.

3. Dyson DC65 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum

Dyson DC65 is a powerful cleaner, which is mainly designed for cleaning all types of surfaces. This machine uses a radial root cyclone tech as well as a reconfigured brush bar for removing dust and dirt in your house.

It has stiffer and shorter bristles that allow deeper penetration mainly in carpets removing more dirt, while still maintaining a better performance on hard floors.

Patented Dyson Technology

This machine has improved with technology because it uses radial root cyclone which increases the suction power. This technology also enables it have an improved airflow which minimizes the turbulence as well as preserving the air pressure making the inner cyclones remove many tiny particles.

Latest Ball Technology

This DC65 vacuum cleaner also comes with the latest ball technology which enables easy movement mainly into the difficult areas. This technology also helps in tumbling other components which are found outside this machine.

Adjusting cleaner head

This machine has a strong upright vacuum which enables easy maneuverability mainly across hard floors and carpets. This is possible because it has a self adjusting cleaner head.

Redesigned brush bar

This machine has a brush bar which is reconfigured allowing it to raise the ridges of the bristles thus making penetration to remove dirt and scratching of hard floors effective.


  • Does not intertwine
  • Easy to use
  • Effective cleaning
  • Uses the latest technology


  • Small canister

Regardless of having a small canister, the DC65 vacuum cleaner comes with a base plate which is self adjusting creating an optimal contact with all types of floors, therefore be guaranteed that this is the best vacuum cleaner for your home.

4. Dyson DC39 Multi Floor Canister Vacuum Cleaner

If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner which is not heavy to pull, does not cause collision with obstacles and which does not turn the wrong direction, then Dyson DC39 canister vacuum cleaner is the machine for you. This machine comes with a ball technology for easy maneuverability.

It also has perfect moves, turns on the spot and contains a central steering mechanism for the perfect control. This model is also known to be a multi floor cleaner which does not lose suction anytime you are cleaning.

Transparent clean bins

This model comes with a clean transparent bin which allows you to see when you are supposed to empty the canister. This bin also allows you to see how much dirt, dust as well as pet hair your machine has collected.

Central steering mechanism

The DC39 is the only vacuum cleaner having a central movement mechanism which is used for controlling the movement of this machine mainly around the obstacles.

Trigger head device

This machine also comes with a head control at its handle therefore you will not be required to bed when cleaning. A single switch on will command the brush bar to have high pick- ups on hard floors, carpets and also flimsy rugs.

New Radial Root Cyclone Technology

The DC39 rely on radial cyclone tech which whirl the air at a high speed thus creating some forces which makes dirt and pet hair to fling out of the airflow directing them into the bin.


  • Low noise levels
  • Gets rid f allergens
  • Expels cleaner air
  • 5 years labor warranty
  • Effective for any kind of floor surface


  • Brush bar head is a bit low

Consider buying this model because it will satisfy your cleaning home needs. This machine also comes with quality assurance standards; therefore keep your worries aside.

5. Dyson V8 Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum

Although there are many home appliance manufacturers, very few of them offer quality products like Dyson. The manufacturer is committed to delivering a high quality product that suits the needs of the users perfectly.

The Dyson V8 Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum is one of their newest additions and comes with advanced features that make cleaning a breeze. Let us look at some of the features that make this model one of the best vacuum from this manufacturer.

Offers powerful fade free suction

Dyson V8 Absolute offers you with fade free suction that last up to go minutes. You can use this handheld model to work on different types of materials including bare floors as well as carpeted areas. When you attach the motorized floor tool attachment, the battery will last for around 25 minutes.

Whole HEPA Machine

This vacuum also comes with an effective filtration system that helps in capturing all the allergens and expelling clean air. These features will improve the quality of the air inside your home.

Direct drive cleaner head

Another great feature of this model is the direct drive cleaner head that will drive the bristles deeper into the carpet, removing the stubborn dirt.


  • HEPA filtration
  • Comes with a hygienic dirt ejector
  • Compact size
  • Offers fade free suction for long
  • The direct drive cleaner head is great for lifting dirt that is more stubborn


  • Not great for people with large cleaning surface

If you have smaller living spaces such as an apartment, the Dyson V8 is a great model for you. It works effectively on both bare floors as well as carpeted areas. Additionally, its compact size makes it easy to store.

6. Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Closeout Upright

If you have a large space to clean, the Dyson 206031-01 Cinetic Big Ball Animal vacuum is an excellent choice. This model is also perfect for individuals who have pets.

It is designed with advanced features that make cleaning pet hair, stubborn dirt, and allergens easier.

Cinetic science dirt capture

One of the features that have received a lot of positive feedback from clients who have already purchased this product is the Cinetic science dirt capture ability. This mechanism makes it easy to capture small particles of dirt without clogging the filter.

Self-adjusting cleaner head

This model also comes with a self-adjusting head that helps in sealing suction when moving from bare floor to carpeted areas. Additionally, the adjusting cleaner head makes it easy to move around furniture, clearing more dirt than other models.

Easy wand and hose release

One of the main setbacks of upright vacuums is that they are often heavy and hard to use especially when cleaning tight spaces. However, this unit comes with a wand and hose release that works in a smooth action allowing you to clean under the furniture as well as above the floor spaces.


  • Cinetic science mechanism
  • Comes with no wash filters that do not need replacement
  • Easy to maneuver around the house
  • Great for dealing with allergens
  • Offers impressive suction


  • A bit heavy

We would recommend this vacuum to individuals who are looking for an upright cleaner that offers them with constant suction when cleaning large spaces. This is also a durable model that withstands repeated use, giving you a cleaning service that you can depend on for many years to come.

7. Dyson Ball Multi-floor Canister Vacuum, Close-Out

If you are looking for a high quality dust removal vacuum cleaner that expels the cleanest air, then don’t search anymore because Dyson Ball Multi Floor canister will do all the cleaning for you. The best thing is that you will never get your hands dirty anymore because this floor canister comes with a high standard emptying hygienic bin.

 All you need to do after cleaning is pushing a specific button to release the dirt. Dyson Ball canister is the solution to all your dirt problems.

Turbine Head Control

The most impressive feature with the Dyson Ball canister is a turbine head control which is located at the handle. This feature ensures that you will never bend down whenever you are cleaning. A single switch controls the brush bar for dirt pick-up on carpets, hardwood, multi surface and even hard floors.

Whole machine HEPA filtration

This feature makes sure that bacteria and allergens causing allergies are trapped in this machine and that they are not released back into the house.

Ball Technology

Another feature that makes this machine unique is its ball technology which makes it move easily even in places which are difficult to reach such us under sofas and beds. This technology also gives this machine a unique design enabling it to clean all types of floors.


  • Removes dust and dirt from all floor types
  • Light to pull around
  • Easy to use
  • Non-stop suction


  • Not much effective like the first model

Even if the Dyson Ball Close out canister is not much effective like the previous model, this model will definitely turn on all your cleaning in an effortless manner leaving your home the best living place.

8. Dyson V6 Trigger Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson V6 vacuum cleaner is another machine which is easy to use. It has a digital V6 motor which provides a higher power for extra 6 minutes of high suction when it comes to difficult tasks.

When you buy Dyson V6, be guaranteed of a dust and dirt free home. This machine is also effective and efficient when it comes to cleaning any type of surface.

Powerful suction that never weaken

The Dyson V6 vacuum cleaner never loses suction whenever you are cleaning. It always provides 2xsuction power, which makes it the most powerful handheld vacuum cleaner.

Ergonomically designed and lightweight

This machine has an ergonomic design, which makes it fit in the hand naturally. Its centre of gravity is positioned towards the grip thus giving it a lightweight and making it easy to handle when cleaning.

Two Tier Radial Cyclones

The V6 vacuum cleaner comes with fifteen cyclones, which are well arranged across 2 tiers. This makes them to work in a parallel manner thus increasing the airflow to get rid of more fine dust.

Hygienic emptying bin

This machine also has a one touch hygienic bin where you just need a single push of the button which is located around the handle to release the dirt collected.


  • Ergonomic and light weight design
  • Captures more fine dust
  • Higher suction for extra difficult work
  • Good for car cleaning


  • A bit short battery life

The Dyson V6 vacuum cleaner will not only help you in cleaning your home effectively and efficiently, but it will also help you in cleaning the seats of your car and even places you can’t reach.

9. Dyson Ball Compact Animal Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Keep all your floors clean using the Dyson DC 47 vacuum cleaner. This cleaner has a smooth and low profile which has low friction bearings that makes this canister have a light weight, only 13.85 lbs and move easily from room to room.

If you are a pet owner, then this is the ideal choice for you.

2 Tier radial cyclones

This machine comes with two tier radial cyclones which enable it to get rid of tiny and microscopic dust particles. These radial cyclones work in parallel way increasing the airflow for a powerful suction.

Ball technology

The DC 47 has a ball technology which is capable of turning a dime thus making it have a powerful control. It turns in a quick and easy manner for a perfect control.

Carbon fiber brushes

This machine also has fine carbon fiber brushes which remove dust allowing user to clean almost all places without straining. These anti static brushes also help in removing dust particles and pet hair from the hard floors.


This Dyson Ball Compact Animal cleaner is compact and has a lightweight making it easy to move around the rooms of your house. This lightweight feature also makes storage of this machine easy.


  • Light to pull
  • Gets rid of even the microscopic particles
  • Good for homes with pets
  • No uncomfortable movements


  • Not great when washing deep pile carpets

For pet owners, Dyson Ball compact animal vacuum cleaner is the best because this machine has a tangle free tool that removes hair from upholstery.

10. Dyson 206900-01 Ball Multi Floor Vacuum

Are you disappointed because of your current vacuum that is constantly clogged and lose suction when cleaning your carpet? If this is the case, you need a high-quality vacuum that gets the work done perfectly.

The Dyson 206900-01 Ball Multi Floor vacuum comes with all the features that you need when cleaning all types of floors as well as hard to reach areas such as corners, edges as well as under the furniture.

HEPA filtration

This vacuum comes with sealed HEPA filter that has the ability to clean up to 99.97 of dirt, dust, and allergens. This filtration captures small particulates in the air including smoke, pollen, as well as pet hair, improving the quality of your indoor air.

Ball Technology

This technology allows you to steer it room to room making it easy to clean every inch of your house. Although it is considerable heavy, this technology makes it very easy to push around.

Powerful motor

Another reason to consider selecting this model is that it comes with a powerful motor that offers you with excellent suction for cleaning different types of floors easily.


  • Very easy to use
  • Ball technology allows for easier maneuver
  • Features HEPA filtration
  • Motorized brush bar is efficient in picking stubborn dirt
  • Great motor that offers sufficient suction


  • High price tag

Besides the excellent filtration, this cleaner comes with ball technology that makes it easy to maneuver around your house. Additionally, the cleaner head technology allows you to clear every nook and cranny on your floors easily.

Absolute Must-Read Before Buying the Best Dyson Vacuum : Expert Advise

As previously mentioned, every person has different needs. You may need a model that is effective in dealing with pet hair while another individual may go for a vacuum that offers best performance when cleaning deep pile carpets. On the other hand, other individuals are looking for lightweight and compact models for small apartments while other need a powerful model for a large house.

For this reason, we have tailor made our guide to help you to select the best model according to performance, ease of use, durability as well as the purpose of use. Here are some of the considerations that you should take into account when selecting the best cleaner from Dyson.

Do you need a bagless cleaner?

The first thing to understand is that manufacturer only offers the canister vacuums. Unlike the bagged models, these vacs come with many benefits. One of the main advantages is that you do not have to keep purchasing dirt disposal bags as these models come with an inbuilt dust collector. This will save you a lot of operational costs that you could have spent purchasing the bag.

Another advantage of these models is that they come with a clear bin that lets you know when to empty the bin. One of the main issues with the bagless models is that they are messier when emptying. However, units from this brand are easy to empty than other product on the market. The dirt collector comes with a trigger that will open the canister, allowing for easier emptying.

Type of your floors

The first consideration to make is the type of the floors that you need to use the unit to clean. If your house has different types of floors such as tile floors, hardwood or carpeted, go for models that are suited for all floors. Select units with brush bar that you can turn on when cleaning carpets and turn off when cleaning delicate floors such as laminated floors. Turning the brush roll allows the vac to deep clean the carpets, but the same can cause damages to delicate floors.


The performance of the Dyson cleaners has received a lot of positive customer feedback, meaning that it is hard to find a model that will disappoint you when it comes to performance. However, each model is designed for a specific purpose. Although the models will function well, selecting a vacuum that is designed for a specific task will improve the overall performance.


Vacuums from this brand come with different prices depending on the number of features, model, and specific use. Just like any other home appliance, the newer models are likely to come with additional features making them cost more. However, if you are on a budget, you can still find an older version that offers comparable performance to the newer release.

Self-adjusting head

The best models feature the self-adjusting head feature. This allows for better suction when cleaning different types of floors. This feature seals in the suction to reduce outside interference, which leads to loss of suction. This means that you can use one vacuum to clean both the bare floor and give you the similar cleaning performance when cleaning carpeted areas.

Customer Reviews

As previously mentioned, each unit is designed for a specific need. Reading the customer reviews will help you in selecting the best model that is best suited for the task. Go through the customer reviews and select the models with the most positive reviews on the specific use. Additionally it these reviews will let you select a model that is durable and easy to use. With this information at hand, you can have peace of mind knowing that your investment will offer you a service that you can depend on.

The Benefits of Selecting the Dyson Vacuum

HEPA filters

The primary filtration installed in these cleaners is the HEPA filters. As you probably know, many benefits come with these filters. The filters are not only effective in cleaning the air from visible dust; they are also great for getting rid of smaller particles such as pollen, smoke particles, as well as other allergens. With this filter, you will enhance the quality of the indoor air, making it conducive for asthma sufferers as well as other individuals who are sensitive to allergens.

Versatile models

Another reason why you may need to consider units from this brand is that they function well on both hard floors and carpets. All the models are canister vacuums, so you will avoid the hassle of replacing the bags now and then. Additionally, you do not have to struggle washing or replacing the filters.

Versatile models

One of the benefits of going for these cleaners is that they offer the best suction when compared to most of the other brands. This is made possible by the powerful motors that ensure fade free suction when vacuuming bare floors as well as carpets. Features such as self-adjusting head available in these vacs will also boost the suction.

Ball Technology

Another feature that makes these vacuums stand out is the ball technology. This technology allows you to maneuver the cleaner from one room to the other effortlessly. This will reduce the energy used when pushing a vacuum around. Unlike other models with wheels, that leave marks on your floor or needs constant maintenance, the patented ball technology will never leave makes or need any maintenance.

Cyclone Technology

If you are looking for a vacuum to act as a replacement of your old model that struggles cleaning different floors, Dyson cleaners are great choices. The Cyclone technology and the excellent filters will ensure that the smallest particles of dirt are cleaned without clogging the vac. Another reason to consider the Dyson vacuums is that they come with lifetime filters that need no replacement.

Hygienic and Feature Rich

Additionally, the Dyson vacuum offers you with powerful suction that ensures that all the dirt and allergens are removed, for enhanced hygiene in your home. The cleaners also come with a number of useful tools that allows for easier cleanups. These include the extendable hose that is useful in cleaning the stairs, as well as telescopic reach for cleaning above-floor surfaces.


As you can see, Dyson vacs come in a variety of styles and models. Whether you are looking for an upright machine or multi-floor cleaner, our informative guide has helped you to make an informed decision. Go through each of our Dyson vacuum reviews, compare the features, and select the model that meets your specific needs.

If you are still confused on the best Dyson vacuum to select, pick any of our listed products, and you will be assured of getting with high quality, durable and easy to use vacuum.

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