Top 7 Best Bagged Vacuum 2018 – A Run-Down Unbiased Reviews

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Purchasing for new-bagged vacuum cleaners may seem like a simple task, but once you start exploring all the options, brands, features and accessories, the process becomes overwhelming. Some models are bulky, loud, difficult to use while others may be unattractive and easy to use. Unfortunately, some of us have to deal with this stress by their own. That is why we did in-depth research to help you in selecting the best bagged vacuum that will fit your needs.

For the past few years, the bagless models are slowly replacing bagged vacs. However, the bagged models still have many benefits when you compare to the bagless vacuum cleaners. Before looking at the top bagged vacuums on the market, we would like to list some of the advantages that make the bagged cleaner convenient than their bagless counterparts. We will also offer you with some of the considerations to make while selecting the right bagged models to fit your needs.

Top 7 Bagged Vacuum on the Market 2018 Comparisons and Recommendation






Hoover Anniversary WindTunnel U6485900



18 lbs

BISSELL Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum



12.5 lbs

Hoover Tempo WidePath Bagged Corded Upright



19.6 lbs

Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet Bagged Upright



15 lbs

Dirt Devil Featherlite Corded Bagged Upright

Dirt Devil


9.8 lbs

7 Best Bagged Vacuums in 2018 Reviewed

Before coming with our list of the top performing bagged vacuum cleaners, we invested a lot of time and energy examining various models available. Our research included testing, looking at the reviews and checking for the products with high rankings amongst the review sites available online. After in-depth research, we came up with the following list.

1. Hoover Anniversary WindTunnel U6485900

The Hoover Anniversary WindTunnel Bagged vacuum cleaner is self-propelled, so it will do all the hard work. You just need to guide it from one room to the other. This model is fitted with innovative technology such as dirt sensor that allows you to concentrate on dirtier areas.

The indicator will turn green when there is no more dirt left on the floor. Besides these features, let us look at some of the other features that make this model stand out.

Exclusive Wind Tunnel Technology

This technology enables this vacuum cleaner to lift and remove all the surface and dirt that is embedded deep down. It is a great vacuum for deep cleaning your floors as well as carpets.

Features Three Adjustment Levels

Hoover Anniversary WindTunnel U6485900 adjusts into three different levels helping you to clean the bare floor, high pile rugs, as well as delicate floors. Additionally, this model comes with a headlight that illuminates the dark areas for thorough cleaning.

HEPA Filter

One of the features that make this model one of the bagged vacuum cleaners is the HEPA filters. This allows it to have excellent filtration that traps up to 99.97 percent of dirt, particulate matter, as well as pollen. If you are sensitive to allergies, this is a great model to use.


  • Easy To Empty
  • Efficient
  • Easy to Use
  • Self-propelling
  • Long Power Cord
  • Effective Suction


  • Heavier than other models

The Hoover Anniversary WindTunnel comes with the latest innovation including self-propulsion as well as an inbuilt sensor that lets you concentrate where there is more dirt. It is also efficient filtration make it ideal for individuals with allergies sensitivities.

2. Hoover WindTunnel Pet Bagged Corded Upright 

The Hoover UH30310 WindTunnel Pet Bagged vacuum cleaner is a great model for any pet owner who is looking for an efficient and easy to use a vacuum cleaner. One of the features that make it different from other model is the pet hand tool a well as the pet upholstery tool.

Additionally, this model comes with a slim profile that allows you to clean under the couches and tables ensuring that your house stays spotless.

Five Position Carpet Height Adjustments

Most vacuum cleaners on the market are best suited for certain types of flooring. However, the Hoover UH30310 features five-position carpet height adjustment that allows you to adjust it accordingly so that it can clean all kinds of flooring thoroughly.

Pet Upholstery Tool

Pet hair is not easy to remove especially if your furry friend loves spending time on the couch. This vacuum cleaner is equipped with an upholstery tool that has rubber wipers that allow you to remove the most stubborn pet hair from your couch and other furniture.

Wind Tunnel Technology

This technology allows you to remove the deep-seated debris and dirt from your carpets, allowing you to deep clean your carpets so that there is no trace of dirt left.


  • Easy To Empty
  • Features wind tunnel technology
  • Powerful suction
  • Efficient for removing pet hair
  • Cleans all types of floors


  • Short Hose

We can recommend Hoover T-Series UH30310 to individuals who are looking for a durable model that will withstand repeated use. You can use this model to clean any type of floor and works well when cleaning the pet hair.

3. Hoover Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright Vacuum

If you are on a budget and want a vacuum cleaner that comes with a powerful motor, rolling brush and a wide range of attachments, the Hoover Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright Vacuum U5140900 might be what you need.

This vacuum cleaner comes with a head that is 15 inches wide, allowing you to cover a large area with one sweep. Its impressive design, sufficient suction, and convenient features make it one of the best-bagged vacuum cleaners on the market.

Impressive Suction Power

One of the best features that come with this vac is the impressive suction that allows it to lift dirt and debris from carpets and bare floor easily. It is powered by a powerful motor that ensures powerful suction even when cleaning carpeted areas.

Great Filtration

Hoover Tempo Widepath has an efficient filtration made with the allergen media rigs able filters that have the capacity of trapping dust and pollen down to 5 microns.

Compact and Easy to Move Around

This vacuum also comes with a compact and lightweight design that makes it easy to move around. Additionally, it is fitted with high quality and maintenance free wheels that allow for easy back and forth movement.


  • Good suction
  • Compact design
  • Affordable
  • Easy to move around
  • Efficient Filtration


  • Does not have head lights for illuminating dark areas

The Hoover Tempo WidePath is a versatile vac that comes with various unique features that allow for easy and quick cleanup. Overall, this is a powerful and affordable vacuum for homeowners on a budget.

4. BISSELL Zing 4122 Bagged Canister Vacuum

The BISSELL Zing 4122 Bagged Canister Vacuum is a multi-surface cleaner that comes with a lightweight design for easy maneuverability. This model comes with a variety of features such as adjustable power, telescopic wand, full bag indicator, multi-surface functionality as well as cord rewind features.

This model weighs only eight pounds and has an ergonomic handle that allows you to carry it easily.

Powerful Suction

The BISSELL Zing 4122 comes with powerful suction that allows you to clean dirt on bare floors, rugs as well as above the floor areas.

Multi Floor Cleaning

With this model, it is easy to go from cleaning hard floors to carpets with the flip of a switch. The variable suction control features allow you to be deep clean any floor.

Compact Design

If you are looking for a vac that has a compact design, this is a great model. It will fit the needs of individuals with small apartments as well as the elderly as it easy to carry from one room to the other.


  • Adjustable power
  • Great for hardwood floors
  • Has a cord rewind function
  • Decent on stairs
  • Light and easy to maneuver


  • Does not have any motorized brush

BISSELL Zing 4122 vacuum makes cleaning simple and efficient. The compact design coupled with ergonomic carry handle makes it easy to move from one room to the other. Additionally, this model makes cleaning the hard to reach areas such as ceilings and drapes easy.

5. Dirt Devil UD30010 Featherlite Bagged Upright Vacuum

Dirt Devil UD30010 Featherlite vacuum cleaner is easy to push from one room to another or up and down stairs. It features a powerful motor that offers enough suction to pick dirt and dust easily.

This model comes with a compact and lightweight design that makes it easy to use and store. It's bagged design also ensures that you are not exposed to the dirt when emptying it.

13-inch wide cleaning head

One of the features that stand out in this model is the 13-inch wide cleaning head. This allows it to cover more area in shorter time.

MicroFresh filtration

Another feature that stands out is the MicroFresh filtration that has the ability to capture up to 99 percent of dust and allergens. This means you will have clean air inside your home, which is crucial for individuals with allergy sensitivities.

Five position height adjustment

Another feature that makes this model a winner is the five-position height adjustment that allows you to adjust it to clean any floor as well as hard floors. This vac also comes with a dusting brush, an extension wand, as well as crevice that allow you to clean the hard to reach areas such as corners and above floor areas.


  • Lightweight design
  • Bare floor and carpet cleaning performance
  • Easy to move around
  • Compact design for easier storage
  • Good suction


  • Short cord, making it ideal for cleaning only small rooms

This vacuum is a good choice if you need a lightweight model that deliver high-performance when it comes to cleaning different types of floors efficiently. It is also an affordable option for individuals on a budget.

6. Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Platinum Collection

If you are looking for a full sized vacuum cleaner that gives you powerful suction and unique features for cleaning all types of floor, the Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Platinum Collection UH3001COM is worth considering.

This model uses true sealed bagged system that traps close to 100 percent of allergens, making it a great choice for individuals who suffer from respiratory ailments such as asthma.

Floor to Ceiling Clean

This vac comes with great suction and extension that allows for deep cleaning both the floor and above floor areas. The wind tunnel technology helps in lifting and removing all the debris and dust embedded down in carpets as well as hard floors.

No Dirt Puff

To prevent dirt puffs from escaping back to the clean room, this model comes with a self-sealing bag. Additionally, the HEPA filter ensures that 99.97 percent of dust, allergens, and pollen are filtered to allow for clean air.

Lightweight Design

Additionally, this model comes in a compact and lightweight design that makes it easy to maneuver from one room to the other. It is also space efficient when it comes to storage.


  • Features WindTunnel technology for deep cleaning
  • HEPA filtration
  • Have LED headlights that illuminated dark areas
  • Has Auto height adjustment feature
  • 5-year warranty


  • Has a high price tag although it is worth considering the features it offers

The Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Platinum Collection UH3001COM is a great choice for individuals with a home that has mostly carpeted areas where the WindTunnel features perform best. The 35-foot power cord also allows you to clean large spaces quickly.

7. Dirt Devil Tattoo Crimson Bouquet Bagged Canister Vacuum

Who said that you vacuum cleaners should come in an ugly look just because they are made to clean trash? If you hate those dull looking vacuum cleaners and you would want to have something more attractive, the Dirt Devil Tattoo Crimson Bouquet vacuum is a great choice.

 This model comes with a classic design, which is tattooed with various colors including crimson, purple, bronze, and black butterflies.

Lightweight Design

Besides having a classic look, this model is lightweight making easy to carry and move around your house. It is fitted with durable wheels, which makes it easy to push. Its compact design makes it easy to store even if you have a small apartment.

Great Motor

This vacuum is fitted with a 10amp motor that provides you more than enough suction for cleaning bare floors and light carpets.

Extension wand and automatic cord rewind

Other features that make this one of the best bagged vacuums is the extension wand that allows you to clean the hard to reach areas. The automatic cord rewind also makes it convenient to use and easy to store.


  • Stylish design
  • Available in different colors
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Offers sufficient suction
  • Features an automatic cord rewind


  • Not great for heavily carpeted floors

If you have just finished college and gotten your first apartment, this model will be fun to use. It will offer you with all the features you need to keep your apartment spotless.

The Benefits of Bagged Vacuum Cleaners

Bagged vacuums have been in existence for more than three decades now. Over the years, they have evolved from vacuums that were one time hard to use, to become the winner when it comes to convenience and ease of use. The main difference between the bagged and bagless models is that bagged models are mainly on storage of the dust collected.

The bagged vacuums will require the user to purchase inexpensive disposable bags that collect every nook and cranny on your floors. On the other hand, the bagless model comes with an inbuilt dirt collector, which you have to empty manually. So, what are some of the benefits of the bagged vacuum cleaners?

More Hygienic

Bagged vacuums are hygienic when compared to other models. All the dirt and debris are contained within a closed bag, reducing the chances of them escaping into the air. The disposable bags will keep all the dirt, pollen, dust and other allergens secure when you are using your vacuum cleaner and when disposing of them.

You just need to remove the bag and dispose of it all together. This will avoid the making messes when emptying the bag as this could lead to the allergens getting back to the air. Additionally, you do not have to clean or replace the filters quite often, as you would be forced to do when using the bagless models.

Excellent for Allergy Sufferers

Bagged vacs are the best models to use especially if you are sensitive to allergies. The disposable bag acts as a great filter that will keep the dust and allergies from escaping. This means that the air coming from your vacuum is fresh and free from contaminants. This is also great for individuals with pets as the bags are airtight, making it impossible for tiny pet hair to escape back into the air.

Excellent filtration

Most bagged vacuum cleaners come with better filtration when compared to the bagless vacuums. The fact that the disposable bags acts as filter themselves play a major role in enhancing the filtration process of the vacuum. Additionally, to make sure that no allergens get back into the air; the vacuums uses efficient filtration mechanism such as the HEPA filters that have the ability to trap up to 99.97 percent of particulates.

This ensures that the air inside your house smells fresh even after vacuuming. It is good to state that HEPA filters are also available in other types of vacuum cleaners are not only designed for the bagged models. However, they are pretty much the standard filters used for the bagged vacuums.

Requires Less Maintenance

A vacuum cleaner that uses disposable bags usually requires much less maintenance when compared to other models. First, the bags can hold more than two pounds of dirt so you do not need to change them regularly. On the other hand, the filters are built into the bag so it does not need to be cleaned.

We all know the hassles that one goes when it comes to washing or replacing a filter. With the bagged models, you will never have to deal with these problems. Additionally, you will never come into contact with the dirt when emptying your vacuum.


Even if a bagless vacuum cleaner has the similar suction and performance with a bagged model, the bagless will cost more. Most people go for the bagless models because they think that the bagged models have more operational costs.

However, remember even the bagless models have parts and filters that need to be serviced or replaced regularly. Two disposable bags will cost less than ten bucks and may give you a service of 2-3 months. This is cheaper than replacing disposable filters that last for the same period.

What you Need to Consider While Purchasing the Best Bagged Vacuum Cleaners: A Guide

As previously mentioned, there are very many bagged vacuums on the market. This makes it hard for most individuals to pick the best model that suits their needs. Although there are many considerations that you need to look at when picking the best bagged cleaners, we are going to look at the most important ones. Following these tips will ensure that you get a high quality bagged vacuum cleaner that makes cleaning your house fast and convenient.


The first thing to look at while selecting a bagged vacuum cleaner is the suction power. Selecting a model that delivers constant suction when cleaning different types of floors allows you to clean your house easily. Ensure that the model gives you constant suction to clean both bare floor and deep clean your carpets. Additionally, selecting a model that offers you with unwavering suction will be of much help when cleaning pet hair as well as other stubborn dirt from your home.

Design and Weight

When selecting the best bagged vacuum cleaner, you should also ensure that you look at the design. Besides ensuring that you select a model that has a compact design, ensure that it is also ergonomic and stylish. You should also ensure you select a lightweight model, as it will be easier to move around your house.

The Length of the Cord

Another consideration to make is the length of the cord that comes with the vacuum cleaner. Different brands come with varying length, so you need to ensure that you select a model that has a cord size that will fit your needs. If you are cleaning, large spaces ensure you select a model with a longer cord.

Additionally, you should look for models with an automatic cord rewind features. This allows you to store the vacuum conveniently.


You should also look at the price. Most people think that the most expensive models are the best vacuums to purchase. However, this is not always the case. It is possible to get a model that comes at an affordable price and have all the features available in the expensive models. The key here is to do in-depth research before making the purchase.

Customer Reviews

Before selecting a bagged vacuum cleaner, ensure you go through the customer feedbacks. These reviews will give you an overview of how the clients who have already purchased the models feel about the model. You should also look at the reviews of independent reviewers such as ours and find out what the experts think about the product. It goes without saying, always purchase the model with the most positive reviews.


Although bagged vacuum cleaners may seem ancient, they can be still one of the most trustworthy cleaning tools out there. Looking at the benefits offered by bagged cleaners, it is not a surprise why many people are going back to using them. We hope that our detailed bagged vacuum reviews will help you to pick the best model that fits your needs perfectly.

Ensure you look at the consideration to make, then go through the reviews and compare the features before making your decision. Overall, getting any of the best bagged vacuum cleaners listed here will ensure that you have a convenient and easy to use a vacuum that will run reliably for years.

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