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Bathroom cleaning tips make your house healthier because the bathroom is the most sensitive area in every family. If the bathroom is not cleaned properly, it causes bad smell inside your house. Then the only solution is cleaning the bathroom under a fixed schedule. The bathroom is the busiest spot where almost every one of your family or the guest's visits.

So, it needs to be clean properly like anything else. Frankly speaking, bathroom needs more care than other parts of your house. Here are some quick and easy tips on how to clean your bathroom properly.

Before Cleaning The Bathroom Grab This Suggestion First

Cleaning of the bathroom is a skill. It is not at all an easy task if you do not know the proper cleaning techniques. Here are some suggestions that will help you to get proper knowledge before cleaning the bathroom. Hope these vital suggestions will make your bathroom hygienic.

  • First of all, put a small vacuum near your bathroom, give the bathroom floor and the carpet a rapid once-over regularly.
  • After your shower in the morning use a squeegee that will slow down the development of water-sports.
  • Now in your bathroom put a fresh candle or some potpourri that will spread good scent.
  • To reduce the hair clogs significantly from the drain of the shower or from the tub use simple nylon net.

Best Bathroom Cleaning Schedule for You

No doubt quality cleaning of your bathroom turns your entire house feel better. So, make a proper schedule before cleaning:--

  • Daily Schedule

After every bath use a small squeegee that will help you to remove the watermark from the wall. Keep a vacuum to dry the floor every day.

  • Weekly Schedule

Once in a week, clean all parts of the bathroom i.e. the shower, the toilet and also all surfaces of the toilet. Also mop up the floor weekly.

  • Monthly Schedule

In every month you should arrange all of your cabinets into your bathroom space. This will help you to maintain an easy order within the storage space.

  • Yearly Schedule

If you follow daily, weekly, or even monthly schedule, you need no special yearly cleaning. So, try to follow a daily or weekly schedule.

Best Bathroom Cleaning Tips You Should Maintain

For proper cleaning of the bathroom, you should maintain these bathroom cleaning tips for better bathroom in your house --

  • Remove all items from the bathroom first: These steps will give you the best result for the entire bathroom. First of all, remove everything from the shower or from the bathtub. Toss every used towel and rug outside the bathroom and move all items from the counter outside your bathroom. Never forget to grab the trash cans.
  • Sweep the Dust from the Bathroom: Take a long handled duster to remove cobwebs from the corners of your bathroom. You can also apply this method to clean cobwebs from light fixtures or from ventilators. After that sweep the floor to collect hair and other unwanted things left on the floor.
  • Now Apply Cleaner to the Bathtub or the Shower: For regular cleaning apply an all-purpose cleaner or any acid-based cleaner to clean the shower first. Use this cleaner to the shower track and shower door also and let it soak for some time.
  • Use the Cleaner on other Surfaces too: Spray the cleaner on your cleaning device swab down shelves, doors, towel racks, and windowsills. Work all parts of the bathroom i.e. from top to bottom and from left to right.
  • To Clean the Floor Mix Cleaning Solution: To clean the floor and to get the better result mix warm water with all-purpose cleaner and then sweep the floor.
  • Hit your Shower and the Bathtub: Here, the cleaner will work better for you by lightly scrubbing away loose dirt and dust. Before rinse clean walls and floors and also the other surfaces too.
  • Finish the Cleaning of the Shower and Bathtub: Replace all the items you have already removed, now wiping them and then shut the shower curtain. Now spray glass cleaner to clean the glass totally.
  • Clean vanity areas: Now spray all-purpose cleaner on the faucets or the sink and then wipe with a piece of clean cloth. Use a glass cleaner to clean the bathroom mirror. A wet cloth will remove dust from the cabinet faces.
  • Toilet clean up: The all-purpose cleaner will help you to wash your toilet regularly. When you find any build up exist in your toilet, spray toilet specific cleaner, keep it for few minutes and wash with a brush to get the fresh toilet. Now spray the all-purpose cleaner outside of your toilet to clean the outside.
  • Mop up the floor: To clean the bathroom submerges the mop the mop in the cleaning solution, remove excess water and clean the floor of the bathroom. The floor when dry replace trash can with freshly laundered rugs.

Why Bathroom Cleaning is Important

There are many reasons for regular cleaning of the bathroom. These areā€”

  • Get rid of Odor: Smell from the bathroom is no doubt nasty. So, it needs to be regular cleaning. To reduce urine odor, guide properly the men in your house and tell them to sit on the commode and make urine. Pee in the standing position means spread of urine and when this urine dries, odor comes out. So, when you clean the bathroom, clean properly the urinal area.
  • Removal of Bacteria: Bathroom is the bridegroom of the bacteria. Kids and old members may get affected by bacteria. So, clean the bacteria first.
  • Reduces the chance of any Disease: Bacteria may easily transfer from the dirt area to basin or toothbrush area. So, cleaning the bathroom reduces the chances of getting diseases like flu or cold.


Bathroom cleaning tips help you to clean your bathroom properly. Before cleaning remove all unwanted things from the bathroom. When you clean the bathroom, clean all the walls properly and all accessories, keep shower curtain in the sun to remove the moistures and thus get a brand new bathroom.

Jason L. Brown

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