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Wood Floor Cleaning Tips | VacGeek

Wood floor cleaning tips are very helpful for wooden floors for regular care and with this regular care this wooden floor presents you a magnificent shine. Cleaning of the wooden floor is essential for protecting your nice investment. Hardwood floors present a beautiful touch to every room, but there are some debates about the best […]

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Vacuum Cleaner Filters | VacGeek

Vacuum Cleaner Filters let you filter the dust and dirt particles from your floor or from the carpets. The vacuum cleaner helps you to clean your floor in a scientific way. The vacuum cleaner is also known as the ‘sweeper’ is the combination of a set of accessories and when all these parts work simultaneously, […]

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How Do Vacuum Cleaners Work!

A vacuum cleaner is a sweeping machine that cleans dust and dirt from the carpet or from the floor. How do vacuum cleaners work mainly depends on how you operate it and how good its accessories are equipped with it. The good the vacuum cleaner is, the good will be its functioning. The vacuum cleaner […]

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Where to Buy Vacuum Cleaners

When you think of using a vacuum cleaner, you must think where to buy Vacuum Cleaners that is the best suit for your carpet. According to ‘Carolyn Forte’, the home care director at ‘The Good Housekeeping Research Institute’, only a standard quality vacuum cleaner turns your home to a place of God by cleanliness. A […]

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Best Tips for Cleaning Tile Floors

Cleaning tile floors is an easy task and with a little effort, you can easily clean your tile floor with the help of warm water only. This task will be possible only when you surely sweep loose soil or dust particles first. For ceramic-tile floors never use any sponge mop as the mop will pull […]

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