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Laminate Flooring Cleaning Tips | Like a Pro

Laminate flooring is the latest choice for both household and commercial one because of it highly durable. This floor is similar to hardwood flooring. This type of floor is not only durable but it is easy to clean. This floor is made of various materials. Laminate flooring cleaning needs no extra expenses like other floors. […]

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Floor Cleaning Mop | Types and Safety!

While cleaning the floor on a regular basis the first thing you need to buy is the floor cleaning mop. A floor mop is a bundle of rough strings or a piece of cloth or sponge attached to the pole of the stick and used mainly to soak up flowing liquid from the floor or […]

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Vacuum Cleaner Dusting Brush | VacGeek

If you are seeking for a soft touch to clean up your sensitive surface, Vacuum cleaner dusting brush has just that you need with this brush. This dusting brush is an ideal equipment for cleaning your home or even your badly dirty car. With the natural bristles of the dusting brush, you can clean the […]

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Wood Floor Cleaning Tips | VacGeek

Wood floor cleaning tips are very helpful for wooden floors for regular care and with this regular care this wooden floor presents you a magnificent shine. Cleaning of the wooden floor is essential for protecting your nice investment. Hardwood floors present a beautiful touch to every room, but there are some debates about the best […]

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